Know Your Followers = Social Media ROI
  • Having the biggest follower base on twitter is by no mean an indicator of engagement or a ROI enabler. Your success in social media depends on your knowledge of your communities: 'Know Your Followers' = ROI.

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    Most people, brands and companies are struggling on twitter: whether they don't manage to grow their audience or they fail to leverage their 'sizable' follower base. You could have had a twitter account for years and yet still not being noticed...

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  • You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on twitter to outperform your competitors. You must focus on doing the basics well. Why not start with a short audit of your profile and your content strategy, and more insights on your top followers?

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We aim to bring twitter ROI to the masses with our cost effective services. Let us help you get noticed, leverage your community and achieve your business goals.
When Biz Stone launched twitter back in 2006, who could have predicted it would become one of the most popular communication channels of our time. Twitter is BIG with about 400M registered users (140M active), and it is everywhere (corporate website, press, TV). Paradoxically, we believe very few tweeps (large companies, small businesses, charities or people) have started to successfully tap its enormous potential...

"Don't forget you
are always engaging
PEOPLE, not social media profiles or
sales targets."
-Christophe Langlois

Twitter Audit

More and more companies 'are on twitter'. But they: can't be found, don't tweet (or tweet poorly), struggle to grow their audience. We'll review your presence. Read more

Twitter Makeover

Your first goal is to be found, tweet, get noticed and urge people to follow you (ideally engage with you). We'll improve your look-and-feel and content strategy. Read more

Know Your Followers

This is social media ROI. You are proud to have over 1k / 5k / 10k followers? How much do you know about them? We'll help you identify your influencers. Read more

Speaking & Workshops

Now it's critical your company successfully leverage social media: be smarter, more engaging. We'll deliver highly interactive workshops & keynotes. Read more

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  • Exclusive KYF Service
  • No non-sense approach
  • Hands-On Experience in B2B
  • 120+ Speaking Engagements
  • Convenience (Skype+Video)
  • Cost Effective Twitter Strategy
  • Products start at $5
  • Friendly & Pro Team

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