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10 Newly Verified Twitter Accounts #1 Media Australia

10 Newly Verified Twitter Accounts 1 Media AustraliaCongratulations to the ten most recently verified twitter accounts from the Australian media industry: great selection of well-known journalists from Nine News, ACA, Channel 9.

As part of our verified twitter accounts series, we will publish on regular basis a list of the most recently verified accounts for a specific industry, topic or country.



Our How To Twitter For Business Team track the latest additions to the list of following on the official verified twitter account which follows now over 40,000 twitter accounts.

Latest Verified Twitter Accounts

In no particular order, please find below a list of ten twitter accounts from Australian TV presenters and shows which have recently been awarded the verified account badge.

Francis Leach (@SaintFrankly)Francis Leach Verified Twitter Account Australia

Official account of Francis Leach. Sports broadcaster, DJ, father,husband and left sided midfielder..

Tracy Grimshaw (@tracygrimshaw)Tracy Grimshaw Verified Twitter Account Australia

ACA host; Animal lover;Olympic equestrian Gold medallist (in my dreams)


Andrew Lofthouse (@Loftea)Andrew Lofthouse Verified Twitter Account Australia

Nine News Brisbane Presenter/Journalist

Peter Hitchener (@phitchener9)Peter Hitchener Verified Twitter Account Australia

Presenter Nine News Melbourne


Richard Wilkins (@Richard Wilkins)Richard Wilkins Verified Twitter Account Australia

Channel 9 Australia Entertainment Editor, weekend taxi driver.


Lisa Wilkinson (@Lisa_Wilkinson)Lisa Wilkinson Verified Twitter Account Australia

Today show co-host, mum of 3, taxi driver, with a tendency to hang around men wearing red bandanas, or nominated for Gold Logies!


Gold Coast News (@9GOLDCOASTNEWS)Gold Coast News Verified Twitter Account Australia

The Gold Coast’s one and only local Television news! Email your stories to or call 0755 791 900


Nine News Brisbane (@9NewsBrisbane)9 News Brisbane Verified Twitter Account Australia

9 News 6pm. Simulcast on River 94.9FM. Streaming live  Follow our list of 9 People on Twitter.


A Current Affair (@ACurrentAffair9)A Current Affair Verified Twitter Account Australia

This is the official @twitter account for #ACA@Channel9‘s weeknightly current affairs programme. Got a story? DM us, or email


Nine News Sydney (@9NewsSyd)9 News Sydney Verified Twitter Account Australia

Sydney’s No.1 News with @Pete_Overton, nightly at 6PM. Simulcast us each weeknight – ‘Hope 103.2’. SEE IT FIRST on 9 NEWS


Have Your Say

So, who is your favourite tv presenter and tv show on twitter in Australia?  How much do you value the verified twitter account badge?  Does it make you more comfortable engaging in conversations on twitter?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in our comment section or via twitter (@Twit_ROI)!


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