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Hello World Twitter And The Blogosphere!

How To Twitter Hello World Twitter BlogosphereHello world, twitter and the blogosphere!  And welcome to  I am delighted to officially launch our latest venture aiming to bring twitter ROI, and social media ROI, to the masses.

-updated on 21/11/2012 (posted originally on 16/11/2012)-

Just two weeks ago, on Halloween, I had an epiphany thanks to my best friend who was visiting me from Paris.  I was planning to spend a lot of time and energy to put together what I believe would have been the most insightful and the most valuable practical guide to social media ROI and how to twitter for small businesses and people.

I was planning to share my experience of building from scratch a global brand in a B2B environment, in one of the toughest industry – financial services-, which generates 100% of its awareness and its revenues via social media and word-or-mouth.

Please note that the site is not fully operational just as yet.  We will launch it officially on December 1st.  We will roll out our overall content strategy within the next couple of months.  We aim to have completed the site by the end of the year.

Affordable Twitter Products & Services

But due to the outstanding amount of books on the topic, and my passion for the video format, I decided to create a site and launch a range of highly convenient and affordable social media services.

Insightful and Engaging Content

We aim to quickly establish the How To Twitter Blog as one of the leading sources of insights, opinions and inspiration for individuals, charities, small businesses and large corporations.

Please find below the current topics we are planning to cover:


From launch, you will need a ‘Free Subscription‘ to access some of our content such as our Top 100 twitter accounts series or our full Twitter Infographics.  Don’t worry, it only take a minute to register and I promise we won’t spam you.

In the next month or so, we will introduce a range of ‘Paid Memberships‘ to access all our premium content such as our twitter audit‘s videos, our twitter makeover‘s content improvement, and all our video guides and tutorials from our WEB TV.

Connect with us

I’ve always believed in the power of crowdsourcing, especially in a world which is moving so fast, a world of real time information.  No list remains comprehensive for too long, I invite you to help us improve our content and submit your recommendations.  The value of ‘‘ will grow with our customers, our members and anyone engaging us.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve social media success.

Best regards

Christophe Langlois, Founder

PS: I invite you to connect with us here, on linkedin, on @Twit_ROI, on youtube, on pinterest, on google+, and on slideshare.  Again, there is not much activity now, but we will start soon to implement our content strategy on all those social media channels.  Please bear with us!

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