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Top 10 Trends on Twitter Daily #1 UK

Top 10 Trends on Twitter Daily 1 UK HowToTwitterForBusinessWe invite you to discover the top trends on twitter today in the UK, 27 November 2012: X-Factor, Floodings, Football, Christmas, jobs.

As part of our trending on twitter series, we will publish on regular basis a list of the most popular twitter hashtags and conversations on twitter, as well as their biggest contributors.

Obviously, these topics’ popularity is forever changing.



Our How To Twitter For Business Team track the top topics trending on twitter directly from  Then, we check the definition of the most popular twitter hashtags on  Finally, we identify the biggest contributors thanks to

Top Twitter Trends

Please find below the top 10 trends on twitter right now in the UK (12:57pm GMT).

1. #UnionJLunchTimeFollow

Social media activity from the X Factor UK contestants Union J.

2. #5ThingsIFindAttractive

3. St Asaph

@ I'm on a hilly bit of Prestatyn and so grateful. Very sorry for all in St Asaph & elsewhere that have been flooded.

4. #r4welfare

Did anyone believe the rhetoric and spin from IDS? RETWEET this is you believe he is dishonest.. #r4welfare #IDS #truthNeedednotSpin

5. Joey Barton

Conversation about Joey Barton‘s recent press conference ‘in French’.

In my defence, it is very difficult to do a press conference in Scouse for a room full of French journalists. The alternative is to speak...
Joseph Barton

6. #christmas

SALE 40 Crochet baby Blanket afghan apple by GerberaHandmade #etsybot2 #christmas sale с помощью @

7. #nowplaying

#nowplaying Truth Gonna Hurt You by Future from Pluto 3D

8. #job

Controls Engineer - Randstad Engineering - (South Bend, Indiana, United States) - Array, #job
StaffEx™ Jobs

9. #London

EAST & DOCKLANDS: Leeds boss accepts FA charge from Millwall defeat #London
London News

10. #news

#news ليفني تعود للسياسة بعد اعتزال باراك #arab #gcc

Have Your Say

So, in your opinion what is the most important trend on twitter in the UK today?  Please feel free to flag the best tweets of the day (funny, important, odd…) by sharing the url of those tweets in our comment section or via twitter (@Twit_ROI)!

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